Episode 9 : Freelancing As A GIS Professional

Freelancing As A GIS Professional

Date released: August 31, 2021

Host: Omowonuola Akintola

Guest: Gibson Okeke

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Show Notes

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Freelancing can be an attractive option to pursue and can prepare you for a great professional career ahead. If your job isn't taking too many hours out of your week, you can use your spare time to work on freelance projects and generate extra income. The best part is that it is affordable to start once you have the skills and equipment to get started.

In this episode, Gibson Okeke who has formed a successful GIS career around freelancing shares how he got started and provides great tips for people who are interested in following in his footsteps. On fiverr, he is the number one in the GIS category globally. He shares about his best freelancing platforms, best approach to communicating with clients, pros and cons, and how to be a successful freelancer.

Below are the links to the platforms mentioned in the episode:

  • Fiverr a freelance service marketplace.
  • Upwork a work marketplace for freelancing.
  • QGIS Open source GIS software.

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