Episode 4 : Engaging Women In Mapping Through Development Projects

Engaging Women In Mapping Through Development Projects

Date released: March. 28, 2021

Host: Omowonuola Akintola

Guest: Lenah Kitenge

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Show Notes

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Lenah Kitenge started The Girls Who Map project to engage more women in mapping. In 2020, the project welcomed women participants from 13 countries spread across Africa. Amazing!!!

These are some of the links to learn more about some keywords he mentioned in the episode.

  • Learn about Here Map Creator-here
  • Learn about Here Studio- here
  • For tutorials on how to get started, check out the Youtube page- here
  • Check out the main Youtube page-here
  • You can reach out to Lenah via email at lenah.kitenge@here.com or on LinkedIn--Lenah Kitenge

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