Episode 3 : An Insight Into Web GIS Development

An Insight Into Web GIS Development

Date released: Feb. 28, 2021

Host: Emmanuel Jolaiya

Guest: Wanjohi Kibui

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Show Notes

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Wanjohi Kibui is a seasoned GIS Consultant & Developer based in Nairobi Kenya. He’s a blogger at LifeInGIS and a Youtuber that likes to share knowledge. He’s the creator of the best Geodjango series on Youtube.

Where do I Start From?

The basics! Understanding the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript would go along way in your career. Aside from the basics of these web technologies, the basics of GIS are as well important. Understanding projections, raster layers and vector layers, different spatial data storage formats would proof useful on the long run particularly when working with tools built for spatial operations and analysis. This book can get you started.

Where can I meet people with Like Minds?

You can join a group with like minds. For example, there is a telegram group for Geodjango, several slack channels and discord servers. We have heard testimonies that learning as a group is very effective. Give it a try,today!

Some Helpful Links

These are some of the links to learn more about some keywords he mentioned in the episode.

Final Notes

Stay curious,share knowledge,stay motivated and stay mappy! Remember to Subscribe and share this podcast with a friend :)!

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