Episode 2 : Mapping Our World,Saving Lives

Mapping Our World,Saving Lives

Date released: Jan. 28, 2021

Host: Omowonuola Akintola

Guest: Geoffrey Kateregga

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Show Notes

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In this episode, Omowonuola explores the world of volunteering with Geoffrey Katerrega, who works with Humanitarian OSM as the Community Manager, East Africa Hub. He enjoys impacting the world through volunteering and mapping and encourages more local participation.

Do you care about volunteering but do not know how to start?Join us as we share tips and tricks to get you started;

Some Helpful Links

These are some of the links to learn more about some keywords he mentioned in the episode.

  • Sign up on OSM here
  • Participate in humanitarian mapping here
  • Get tutorials on how to get started with OSMhere
  • Get OSM data at here
  • Get some data with the Overpass API. Read more here
  • Get more OSM data using QGIS plugin - OSM downloader or Quick OSM
  • Start a youthmapper chapter in your university today- here
  • To read more on the HOT's Audacious projects, visit here
  • You can reach out to our guest via email at geoffrey.kateregga@hotosm.org or on twitter @kateregga1

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