Episode 16 : Geoluminous:Illuminating Geospatial Technology

Geoluminous:Illuminating Geospatial Technology

Date released: May 27th, 2022

Host: Emmanuel Jolaiya

Guest: Esther Onyekachi Ogbu

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Show Notes

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Geoluminous Co. Ltd is a female founded geospatial startup providing platforms, products and experiences with the aim of helping more people discover and connect to the geospatial industry.In this episode, Esther Onyekachi Ogbu , the Chief Visionary Officer, shared with us her background in the GIS and creative industry, how she discovered her passion for cartography and how her interest in geo-creativity led to the start of her own company and her non-profit initiative, with the support of her co-founder Omowonuola Akintola.

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