Episode 13 : Data Science & Geospatial

Data Science & Geospatial

Date released: January 26, 2022

Host: Omowonuola Akintola

Guest: Abba Barde

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Show Notes

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With data science, deeper insights can be extracted from data using comprehensive algorithms and analytical methods. In this Episode, we sit down with Abba Barde , a data scientist who has worked in a wide range of sectors and now in the geospatial field. This episode will expose you to the world of data science, what to learn to get started, where to find resources, how to participate in competitions to build a strong portfolio, and all you need to know to explore a data science career. Abba Barde is currently with Radiant Earth Foundation

Links in this episode

  • Learn Data Science on Udemy
  • Get a scholarship to get started on Udacity
  • Don’t forget to also check out Datacamp on Youtube and Website
  • Get started with Statistics for free on this Youtube channel
  • Get Started with Competitions on Kaggle and don’t forget to start with the Titanic Dataset as mentioned in this episode.
  • Check out Zindi Africa for some other competitions as well
  • Check out the Radiant Earth ML HUB, a cloud-based open library dedicated to Earth Observation training data for Machine Learning
  • Tutorials to get started with the ML Hub

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