Episode 10 : Spatialnode-The New Community For GIS Professionals

Spatialnode-The New Community For GIS Professionals

Date released: September 31, 2021

Host: Omowonuola Akintola

Guest: Emmanuel Jolaiya

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Show Notes

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One way to highlight your skills in GIS is through a professional portfolio. Job applications now have recruiters requesting access to a GIS portfolio, helping them get a feel of your skill sets. In this episode, Emmanuel Jolaiya shares about Spatialnode - a new platform where you can build your own personal portfolio, showcase your amazing projects and connect with professionals all over the world. You will learn about his motivation for building this platform, how to get started, and the other amazing features on the platform. Emmanuel Jolaiya with his passion for community development built this platform for the global GIS community to help people without programming skills easily share their projects and share with recruiters

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