The podcast about geospatial innovations and people doing great things with geospatial technology in Africa.

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Episode 11: The ESA Open Mapping Hub

Host: Omowonuola Akintola & Emmanuel Jolaiya | November 11, 2021 | Guest: Monica Nthiga

The Open Mapping Hub is supporting HOT's goal of mapping an area... See show notes
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Episode 10: Spatialnode-The New Community For GIS Professionals

Host: Omowonuola Akintola | September 31, 2021 | Guest: Emmanuel Jolaiya

One way to highlight your skills in GIS is through a professional portfolio... See show notes
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Episode 9: Freelancing As A GIS Professional

Host: Omowonuola Akintola | August 31, 2021 | Guest: Gibson Okeke

Freelancing can be an attractive option to pursue and can... See show notes
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Episode 8: SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog(STAC)

Host: Emmanuel Jolaiya | July 31, 2021 | Guest: Chris Holmes

STAC is making geospatial data findable... See show notes

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